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Yearly Wrap-Up: 2022 Highlights (#132)

January 04, 2023 Melanie Hempe, Olivia Kernekin
ScreenStrong Families
Yearly Wrap-Up: 2022 Highlights (#132)
Show Notes

Thank you all for listening and engaging with the podcast this year. Here are just a few highlights from our 2022 episodes, and we look forward to continuing to see you in 2023!

Happy New Year!

Episodes Featured (in order of appearance):

  • "Your Child Hates the Sound of Your Voice, and This is Why" with Erik Goldfield (#121)
  • Welcome 'Glow Kids' Author Dr. Nicholas Kardaras! (#124)
  • The Battle Against Screen Time with Officer Gomez (#86)
  • Social Media & The Resistant Parent with Laura Hickman (#129)
  • Mastering the Flip Phone: A ScreenStrong Family’s Story with Amy & Aubrey (#87)
  • The Mom I Want to Be: A ScreenStrong Family's Story with Carmen Lindner (#128)
  • Debunking Screen Myths with Andrew & Evan Hempe (#91)
  • Trusting Your Gut with Laura Wurzburger (#99)
  • Mind-Blowing Screen Hacks Your Kids Are Using with Julie Christian (#120)
  • Video Game Addiction & Treatment with Dr. Brett Kennedy (#109)
  • How to Get Your Child to Take Music Lessons with Dr. Catharine McClure Jackson (#112)
  • The ScreenStrong Lifestyle: An Explanation (#101)


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Production Team:

  • Host—Melanie Hempe
  • Producer & Audio Editor—Olivia Kernekin