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A Pediatrician's Perspective on Kids & Screens with Dr. John Hutton (#159)

July 26, 2023 Dr. John Hutton MD, MS
ScreenStrong Families
A Pediatrician's Perspective on Kids & Screens with Dr. John Hutton (#159)
Show Notes

In this episode, Melanie is joined by Dr. John Hutton to discuss his research into MRI screening for young kids and how toxic screens impact a child's brain. 

In this podcast Dr Hutton explains why he is passionate about the topic of kids and screen time and reviews his 2022 research. He describes the link between screen use and brain structures in young children. He describes why parents struggle with this topic and offers encouragement for parents to raise  healthy kids without smartphones and violent video games.

John S. Hutton, MD, MS, is an associate professor in the Division of General and Community Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Dr. John  Hutton is the Director of the Reading Literacy Discovery Center. He has published 29 children’s books, many with health-promoting themes. These include screen time reduction (Baby Unplugged), dialogic reading, reading to babies, infant calming, safe sleep, breastfeeding, ADHD, and how the heart works. 

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Production Team:

  • Host—Melanie Hempe
  • Producer & Audio Editor—Olivia Kernekin