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Who's Raising the Kids with Susan Linn (#167)

October 04, 2023 Susan Linn
ScreenStrong Families
Who's Raising the Kids with Susan Linn (#167)
Show Notes

Today, we are honored to welcome Susan Linn, the author of "Who's Raising the Kids," to our podcast. We love the title of her book because it encapsulates the essence of being ScreenStrong!

One of the most significant, albeit often invisible, risks parents confront in childhood screen overuse is the unintentional surrender of our children to a virtual caregiver. We lose our kids daily—not physically, but emotionally, as they gravitate toward virtual families.

The issue with childhood screen use is multifaceted, but in ScreenStrong's view, the most pressing concern is the detachment disorder between children and parents that is becoming all too common. Kids naturally bond with the things they spend the most time with, and it's beautiful when that bond is with their family. However, it becomes a cause for concern when that bond is primarily formed with screens, games, or social media, as Susan will expertly shed light on during this conversation.


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