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Is Your Teen a Target for Sex Trafficking with Liz Miller (#171)

November 01, 2023 Melanie Hempe / Liz Miller
ScreenStrong Families
Is Your Teen a Target for Sex Trafficking with Liz Miller (#171)
Show Notes

Human Trafficking has been the world’s fastest-growing criminal enterprise for over a decade. It is estimated that over 26 million people are enslaved globally, and over 1 million, 300,000 of which are children, in the U.S. alone. An even darker statistic, the 2023 Trafficking in Persons Report conducted annually by the State Department, states that less than 1% of victims are ever identified and consequently get out alive.

Human trafficking in the U.S. is not only what you see in the movies, foreign impoverished children being kidnapped and made available for purchase to pedophiles. The truth is that most sex trafficking victims in the U.S. are American girls, and the average age of initial victimization is 13 years old. Sex trafficking does not discriminate based on race or economic standing. In a report published in 2016 by doctors in their respective fields, human trafficking was found in every school in San Diego County. The wellbeing of our children has become a national crisis, and the only way to protect your child is to understand how they could become or are already the targets of criminals who desire to use and abuse them.


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