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20+ Ways Kids Get Around Parental Controls with Doug Smith (#173)

November 15, 2023 Melanie Hempe / Doug Smith
ScreenStrong Families
20+ Ways Kids Get Around Parental Controls with Doug Smith (#173)
Show Notes

Today's show will take us behind the curtain of the teen brain who is searching for a way to get around parental controls! 

You will learn that the idea of parental controls is a way to gain brand loyalty by the companies who want your kids glued to their devices. If you use parental controls then your child will be safe, right? Wrong. Because the job of every child is to discover work around every parental control out there! With the help of Doug Smith and Melanie, you will quickly see how many ways there are for a child to discover the thrill of hacking your parental controls.  

Remember, You don't have to be a tech expert you just have to be a smart ScreenStrong parent. As always we have your back and we will give you the strong truth and the bold solutions to winning the screen battle at home. 

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  • Producer & Audio Editor—Olivia Kernekin