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Teen Suicide Ideation and Social Media with Tessa Stuckey (#39)

April 09, 2021 Tessa Stuckey
ScreenStrong Families
Teen Suicide Ideation and Social Media with Tessa Stuckey (#39)
Show Notes

Not only is Tessa Stuckey a licensed professional therapist and author of For the Sake of Our Youth: A Therapist’s Perspective on Raising Your Family in Today’s Culture, she’s also raising four boys of her own. Tessa became a therapist with the goal of helping support children through the emotionally confusing teenage years, but what she found was worse than the dating drama and adolescent angst she expected: instead, she found prevalent suicidal ideation and other surprisingly dark problems, despite a general lack of deep-seated trauma. In her conversation with Melanie, Tessa dives into how technology is the main contributor to the problems she sees teens facing today, and how we as parents can help them develop the resiliency and connection to make it to the other side as healthy, balanced adults.

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Production Team:

  • Host—Melanie Hempe
  • Producer & Audio Editor—Olivia Kernekin